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What is a Radiologist?

Even though you may never meet him or her, your radiologist plays a very important part in your diagnosis and treatment. Radiologists are the only physicians who specialize in diagnosing disease using advanced imaging techniques such as x-ray, ultrasound, CT and MRI. Most radiologists have over 13 years of medical education in their field, and many choose to sub-specialize further in a particular modality or area of the body. Your radiologist acts as a consultant to your specialist or primary care provider, helping them interpret the findings of your exam within the context of your overall health history. Radia employs only board-certified radiologists and has been a trusted partner of many Northwest providers for over 20 years.


Monica Agarwal, MD
Kathrin Ahl, MD
Hassan Ahmad, MD
David A. Alexander, MD
Kristine Andrade, MD
Ellie Andrews, PA-C, RDMS
R. Torrance Andrews, MD
Zachary Ashwell, MD
David A. Atkins, MD
Mahesh G. Atluri, DO
Ben P. Babusis, MD
Tariq Balawi, MD, MBBS
Dae Hee Bang, MD
Andrew Bauer, MD
James E. Bell, MD, MBA
Leila C. Bender, MD
Lawrence Bennett, MD
Keith Bernstein, MD
Varun S. Bhandarkar, MD
Robert Bloch, MD
David B. Bork, MD
Samuel Boynton, MD
Hilary A. Brazeal, MD
Robert A. Brezak, MD
William Brinkman, MD
Kimberly Brockenbrough, MD
Sally Browning, MD
Kara L. Carlson, MD
Ian Y. Ch'en, MD
Tamuna Chabra, MD, PhD
Alan D.S. Chan, MD
Herbert Chen, MD
Stephanie Cheng, MD
Maria Chong, MD
Sean Conus, MD
E. Betsey Cotter, MD
Sophie Cowan, MD
William B. Crenshaw, MD
Sheilah Curran-Melendez, MD
Charles P. Daly, MD
Michael deGroot, MD
Thomas Demlow, MD
Michael Dobson, MD
Taymon Domzalski, MD
Mariann Drucker, MD
John Edwards, MD
Diane Engelbrecht, M.D.
John Ephron, MD
Wayne Fang, MD
Shannon G. Farmakis, MD
Jack Fields, MD
Michael Fishman, MD
Arman Forouzannia, MD
Daniel R. Fullmer, MD
Tyler Gibb, MD
Ryan Gilbreth, PA-C
Geordie M. Glass, PA-C
Timothy Gleason, MD
Greta T. Go, MD
Kavita Gulati, MD
Paula Hallam, MD
Craig C. Hanson, MD
Ben Harmon, MD, MBA
Jacob D. Harris, MD
Dawn Hastreiter, MD, PhD
Robert A. Hawkins, MD
Elizabeth Hayes, MD
Melissa Hayes-Balmadrid, MD
Kenneth Hebert, MD, MBA
Daniel Holbert, MD
Peter Hu, MD
Hannu Huhdanpaa, MD
Patrick Hurley, MD
Michael W. Itagaki, MD, MBA
Shari Jackson, MD
Germaine Johnson, MD
William B. Jones, MD
Alice B. Josafat, MD
Frederick Kash, MD
Bart P. Keogh, MD, PhD
Prabhakar Kesava, MD
David Kim, MD
Eric Kinder, MD
Donald Klein, MD
Marc G. Koenig, MD
Mitchell Kok, MD
Ruben Krishnananthan, MD
Christopher M. Krol, MD
William Kuhle, MD, MS
Jonathan Kullnat, MD
Samantha C. Lancaster, MD
Timothy Larson, MD
Emily Lau, ARNP
Edward Lee, MD
Julie Lee, MD
Lawrence Lee, MD
William Lemley, MD
Andrew R. Levine, MD
Brandon Y. Liu, MD
Ronald Loch, JR., MD
Eileen Lorenz, MD
Philip N. Lowe, MD
Thomas Luetkehans, MD
John D. MacKenzie, MD
Kristin Manning, MD
David C. Marlow, MD
Rich J. Matthies, MD
Mark D. Mayhle, MD
Brian J. McCallie, MD
Madison McCulloch, MD
Brendan McCullough, MD, PhD
Jennifer R. McEvoy, MD
John D. McGowan, MD
Anika McGrath, MD
Garland McQuinn, MD
Jerry Michel, MD
Juan A. Millan, MD
David Miller, MD
Brandt Mohr, MD
Loulie Molloy, MD
Erin Moran, MD
Michael Morich, MD
Paul Mortlock, PA-C
Christiane Mullins, MD
Kirk Myers, DO
Jonathan Naatz, MD
Laura K. Nason, MD
Diane L. Nathan, MD
Felix Nautsch, MD
Nancy J. Neubauer, MD
Andrew N. Nguyen, MD
Jennifer Niemi, MSN, ARNP
Mike Norris, MSN, ARNP
Rachel O'Connor, MD
Andrew Olson, MD
David Omdal, MD
Dara Omer, MD
Ross M. Ondersma, MD
Robert B. Osnis, MD
Sanjiv R. Parikh, MD
Ross Parker, MD
Tremont Parrino, MD
Jigish Patel, MD
Uresh Patel, MD
Michael Peters, MD
Mark J. Pfleger, MD
Somnath J. Prabhu, MD
Lauren C. Pringle, MD
Harold W. Prow, MD
Amar Purandare, MD
Terri Reichner, MD
Mehdi Rohany, MD
Kevin Roscoe, MD
Lawrence Rose, MD
Jose Ruiz, PA-C
Hillary L. Shaw, MD
Charles Shen, MD
Manrita Sidhu, MD
Justin A. Siegal, MD
Navneet Singha, MD
Hartley Sirkis, MD
Justin Smith, MD
Daniel W. Smoots, MD
Kris Spinning, MD
Michael L. Squire, MD
David Stagnone, MD
Lloyd E. Stambaugh, MD
Matthew A. Stein, MD
Lyn Storm, PA-C
Daniel Susanto, MD
Andrew Taylor, MD
Judson Threlkeld, MD
Peter Thurlow, MD
Ian Timms, MD
Brian C. Tryon, MD
Filip Turcer, MD
Alfonso Urdaneta-Moncada, MD
Milton L. Van Hise, MD
Scott M. Vanderheiden, MD
Chrystel Venturini, MD
Evert-Jan Verschuyl, MD
Pedro T. Vieco, MD, FRCPC
Philip Vogelzang, MD
Pooja Voria, MD, MBA
Lisa Vu, MD
Rulon Waite, MD
Ying M. Wang, MD
Daniel M. Wells, MD
David G. Westman, MD, FRCP
Stephen J. Whipple, MD
Mark Wilson, MD
Patrick Wright, DO
Steven Yang, MD
Edwin J. Yau, MD
Fitzhugh Yeatman, MD
Fang Zhu, MD, PhD
Reza Zinati, MD
Mark S. Zobel, MD