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What is a Radiologist?

Even though you may never meet him or her, your radiologist plays a very important part in your diagnosis and treatment. Radiologists are the only physicians who specialize in diagnosing disease using advanced imaging techniques such as x-ray, ultrasound, CT and MRI. Most radiologists have over 13 years of medical education in their field, and many choose to sub-specialize further in a particular modality or area of the body. Your radiologist acts as a consultant to your specialist or primary care provider, helping them interpret the findings of your exam within the context of your overall health history. Radia employs only board-certified radiologists and has been a trusted partner of many Northwest providers for over 20 years.


Brendan  McCullough, MD, PhD

Brendan McCullough, MD, PhD

Medical School
2007 - University of Washington - Seattle, WA
2008 - Transitional Year - Swedish Medical Center - Seattle, WA
2013 - Diagnostic Radiology - University of Washington - Seattle, WA
2013 - Diagnostic Neuroradiology - University of Washington - Seattle, WA
Additional Degrees/Certifications
2005 - PhD, Neurobiology and Behavior - University of Washington - Seattle, WA
2014 - CAQ - Neuroradiology
Specialty:   Neuroradiology
Primary Location:   Swedish Cherry Hill