At Radia, we believe that patient-centered care and quality go hand-in hand.  Continuous evaluation of our quality initiatives by our physicians, leadership and staff are some of the ways that allow us to work closely with our partners by ensuring that the focus is on the patient.

 Some examples of how we accomplish this include:

  • A state approved Coordinated Quality Improvement Program (CQIP)
  • A quality committee comprised of subspecialty radiologists and chaired by the Chief Medical Officer
  • Producing data-driven metrics to support The Joint Commission and The American College of Radiology (ACR) accreditation standards
  • Continuous oversight and monitoring of clinical quality, through peer review and tools such as the ACR RADPEER™ program
  • Quality Sharing Agreements with our partners to encourage the exchange of information as an opportunity for collaboration and improvement


The compliance program at Radia is designed to minimize the potential for fraud and abuse, as well as ensure compliance with regulatory requirements such as HIPAA. A commitment to compliance is embedded into the Radia organization.  

We achieve this by:

  • Clearly communicating standards through our Code of Conduct and other policies and procedures
  • Creating awareness of these standards by providing ongoing training
  • Providing avenues to report concerns
  • Ensuring compliance and accountability through regular monitoring and auditing
  • Creating a culture that supports asking questions
  • Oversight of and support for compliance activities by Radia’s Compliance Officer, Compliance Committee and Board of Directors